Pediatric Nurse Assistant Job Description

Pediatric nurse assistants, also known as pediatric nurse aides, work with children in hospitals, pediatricians' offices and community health clinics. They help nurses, doctors and other medical professionals care for children with diseases and severe injuries. They also help patients recovering from invasive surgical procedures.

Pediatric nurse assistants monitor vital signs, make beds and respond to a wide variety of patients' requests. They are trained to provide sanitary, effective care for children of all ages and play a significant role in a patient's recovery. Take a look to learn more about the duties, requirements, work environment and outlook for pediatric nurse assistant jobs.

Pediatric Nurse Assistant Work Requirements

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all certified nurse assistants must complete a state approved nursing class and pass a written and practical exam to become licensed. In most states, nurse aides need a high school diploma or equivalent to work in a medical facility.

Pediatric nurse assistants aren't usually required to complete additional coursework to work with children. However, many undergo extensive background checks, interviews and specialized training before they are hired for pediatric nurse assistant jobs. Some facilities also require prior experience working with kids. For example, Rady Children's Hospital look for a few years of experience in a pediatric health role.

Pediatric Nurse Assistant Responsibilities

Pediatric nurse assistants clean, dress and feed patients. They take vital signs and report and record patient conditions. They need to practice safe, sanitary health care at all times and make sure their patients are as comfortable as possible.

Pediatric nurse assistants perform many of the same activities as colleagues in other specialties. However, because they care for children, these nurses must take extra care to be patient, kind and understanding.

Pediatric Nurse Assistant Work Environment

You can find pediatric nurse assistant jobs in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, specialty health care facilities and medical clinics. These professionals typically work in children's hospitals or pediatric wings of general and surgical hospitals.

They might work part-time and full-time shifts, during the day and at night. Nurse assistants who work in pediatricians' offices usually have more traditional weekday schedules than those in hospitals.

Salary and Job Outlook

According to the BLS, nurse aides for all specialties earned an average of ​$15.41​ an hour or ​$32,050​ a year as of May 2020. Nurse assistant jobs at hospitals pay on average ​$33,660​ yearly compared to ​$29,750​ for those working in the home health care industry.

The BLS expects the number pediatric nurse assistant jobs, as well as aides in other specialties, to grow eight percent from 2020 to 2030. That's the same as the growth rate predicted for all occupations.